CPU: Intel Pentium III E 500Mhz (Codename: Coppermine, socket: nanoBGA2, instruction set: MMX, SSE L2: 256KB)
RAM: 512 MB (SDRAM PC133 133Mhz)
VGA: ATI Rage Mobility AGP ATI Mach64 
Sound: ESS Maestro ES1978


  • 2023.04.05 Bought it from ebay for 31.99eur total.
  • 2023.04.13 The package arrived. Lacked an IDE adapter, cmos battery dead and had bios password protected
  • 2023.04.14 The BIOS password where removed
  • 2023.04.19 Found and bought IDE Adapter at local dealer for 10eur.
  • 2023.04.21 The IDE Adapter have arrived, Windows 98 have been installed on this machine.
  • 2023.05.19 BIOS Battery replaced.

CMOS Battery

  • CR-2016

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