Manufacturer                      Hewlett Packard
HPC Name                          Jornada 720
Device Class                      Handheld PC (Clamshell)
Supported Windows CE Versions     Handheld PC 2000 (Windows CE 3.00)
Dimensions LxWxH                  187.96 mm x 93.98 mm x 33.02 mm
Weight                            498.95g (1.10lbs)
CPU Type                          StrongARM SA1110
                                    Bus Width: 32-bit
                                    Core: StrongARM
                                    Instruction Set: ARMv4
                                      Supported Architectures:
                                        StrongARM (Microsoft CPUID: 2577)
                                        CEF (Microsoft CPUID: 0)
CPU Clock Speed                   206 MHz
RAM                               32 MB
ROM                               32 MB
Graphics Chip                     EPSON SED1356
Display Type                      DSTN
Screen Visual Area                151 mm x 56 mm (5.94 in x 2.20 in)
                                  Diagonal: 161.05 mm (6.34 in)
Screen Resoloution                640 x 240
                                  Half VGA (HVGA)
Colour Depth                      65,536 Colours (16-bit)
Infrared (IrDA)                   IrDA 1.0 Serial IR (SIR) - 115.2Kbps
Built-in Modem                    56.2 Kbps (v.90)
CF Slot Type                      CF Type I
PC Card Slot Type                 PCMCIA Type II
Built-in Speaker                  Stereophonic
Primary Battery                   Lithium Ion; Up to 14 Hours; Removable
Backup Battery                    CR2032
ROM Upgrade Detail                Unofficially, the Jornada 728 ROM chip can be used to expand the 720's RAM to 64MB


  • 2023.06.17 → Bought on ebay for 130eur (with 20eur discount), total was 150eur (incl. shipping)
  • 2023.06.27 → Item arrived from the Italy
  • 2023.07.06 → Collected some sources and other stuff of Linux for Jornada 720 and shared on the git repository.
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