Oculus Development Kit 2


  • 2023.12.16 → Bought item altogether with Oculus DK1 for 59 € (total 64 € incl. shipping) from local dealer (he was selling two units as not working AS IS).
  • 2023.12.18 → Package arrived, i have tested and DK2 is fully working just lacks Positional Tracking IR Camera, the DK1 is dead, but i will do further testing of it later
  • 2023.12.19 → I have run some software and videos, got some problems with the kit because, i didn't have Xbox controller which is required for it to navigate, but i've got two PS4 controllers and i used one for emulation so the software can detect PS4 controller as Xbox it was done with DS4Windows tool. I have managed to successfully test DK2 and it's working fine :)
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