USB Driver for Windows 95

Windows 95's USB support is quite poor and not universally compatible with USB devices. So, rloew created a universal USB driver. Any computer with Windows 95 can use media involving a USB port. Thank you rloew!


  • Windows 95B, 95C, 98, or 98SE


  1. Uninstall any existing USB Mass Storage Devices and USB Mass Storage Drivers.
  2. Remove all USB Mass Storage Information Files from the WINDOWS\INF and WINDOWS\INF\OTHER Folders.
  3. Disconnect all USB Mass Storage Devices from your Computer.
  4. Go to the Directory where the program is located.
  5. If your Computer does NOT support USB 2 skip to Step 12.
  6. You have two options to Install USB2STOP. If you want to run USB2STOP.EXE during DOS Bootup go to Step 7. If you want to run USB2STOP.VXD during Windows Startup go to Step 10.
  7. Copy USB2STOP.EXE to your WINDOWS\COMMAND Folder.
  8. Add the following Line to your C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT File: USB2STOP LH is not needed.
  9. Skip to Step 12.
  10. Copy USB2STOP.VXD to your WINDOWS\SYSTEM Folder.
  11. Run the following Command and acknowledge the prompts: REGEDIT USB2STOP.REG
  12. Copy HOTPLUG.EXE to your Startup folder. This step may not be needed if your are using Windows 98 or SE.
  13. Reboot.
  14. Connect an USB Mass Storage Device to your computer.
  15. When prompted, point the Device Manager to the folder where you stored the files from this package.


  • If using Windows 98, then use another USB driver. This driver is limited to USB 1.1 speeds.
  • If this driver does not work, then try another one.



Task Manager

Alternative task manager applications for windows 9x:

Windows 95 2.1GHz CPU Fix

Microsoft originally claimed a fix to run Windows 95 on a CPU faster than 2.1 GHz was impossible…this is completely false! LoneCrusader and rloew have provided yet another breakthrough in Windows 95 with this fix! Now Windows 95 is no longer limited to slow, archaic CPUs. Overclock at your will or fire Windows 95 onto a newer system!


  • 2.1GHz CPU limit has been broken!!
  • Windows 95 can run on any CPU faster than 2.1GHz!!!
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows 95 (RTM\OSR2) (95\95A\95B\95C)
  • VirutalBox Windows 95 Protection Error Fix


  • Windows 95
  • Blank Floppy Disk or CD


  1. Download file zip
  2. Unzip with a file archiver

If Using VirtualBox

  1. Mount the “FIX95CPU.IMA” file onto the floppy disk
  2. Once booted, proceed to select “yes” (y).
  3. Remove the floppy disk and reboot!

VMWare will not show the .IMA file as an option, simply have Windows show all files and select as floppy disk!

If Using a Physical PC

  1. Burn floppy disk or CD image to desired media.
  2. Boot Windows 95 from media
  3. Enjoy!

Bugs: Installing the XUSBSUPP USB drivers for Windows 95 may break installations. To fix this, copy NTKERN.VXD to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\VMM32\NTKERN.VXD in DOS.


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