HP 320lx palmtop pc (Handheld PC)

Manufacturer                     Hewlett Packard
HPC Name                         320LX
Device Class                     Handheld PC (Clamshell)
Supported Windows CE Versions    Handheld PC 1.0 (Windows CE 1.00) Handheld PC 2.0 (Windows CE 2.00)
Dimensions LxWxH                 183 mm x 94 mm x 29 mm
Weight                           442g (0.97lbs)
CPU Type                         SH3
                                 Bus Width: 32-bit
                                 Core: Super-H 3
                                 Instruction Set: SH7700
                                 Supported Architectures: SH3 (Microsoft CPUID: 10003)
                                                          CEF (Microsoft CPUID: 0)
CPU Clock Speed                  44 MHz
RAM                              4 MB
ROM                              5 MB
Upgradeable ROM                  ROM Chip Remplacement
Display Type                     FSTN
Backlight                        Green
Screen Visual Area               156 mm x 59 mm
                                 Diagonal: 166.78 mm (6.57 in)
Screen Resoloution               640 x 240
                                 Half VGA (HVGA)
Colour Depth                     4 Tone Monochrome (2-bit)
Touch Screen                     Yes
Keyboard                         79 key
RS232 Serial                     Yes
Infrared (IrDA)                  IrDA 1.0 Serial IR (SIR) - 115.2Kbps
CF Slot Type                     CF Type I
PC Card Slot Type                PCMCIA Type II
Built-in Speaker                 Monoaural
Mains (AC) Rating                Input:    240v
                                 Output: 12v
Primary Battery                  2x AA (LR6), Rechargeable
Backup Battery                   CR2032

This Handheld PC uses Sh3 cpu and runs Windows CE 1.0 operating system from Microsoft.


  • 2023.06.11 → Acquired from local web dealer, he discounted item from 120eur to 100eur. I wrote him a letter with an offer to sell it cheaper, since I'm going to collect, not resell the device. He agreed and i've bought it for 80eur. Very nice and big thanks to him!
  • 2023.06.14 → Device finally arrived well packaged. It included the AC charger two AA batteries (not chargeable) 6 CF cards of 32mb each, two pcmcia cards, one gprs and one wifi adapter. Outstanding deal. I've turned it on and it worked well.
  • 2023.06.15 → Tried to setup synchronisation to the computer using irDA, used Compaq Armada m700 with windows 98, everything worked ok. But it's very inconvienent because the irDA port on the laptop's back.
  • 2023.06.16 → I found that my Dell Latitude D410 has irDA port on it's left side and the hp 320lx has irDA port on the right side, so the match is perfect. Now i will try to setup synchronization on Windows XP using this guide. Sad news here, because the irDA chip is not found in this laptop, it's fake irDA glass on the computer case, but no actual irDA adapter exists in it.
  • 2023.06.16 → Yeah, just found that my MaxData Pro 650T also have irDA port on the left side of it's case and Windows 98 preinstalled (most compatible os with HPC software). Everything seems like going ok until I've got error “Cannot start communications with the desktop computer. Remote Networking could not start due to a critical error (Error 628)” on HPC screen. Seems like something is with irDA port configuration, lets try another laptop.
  • 2023.06.16 → Here it comes the Compaq evo n600c, first i booted preinstalled windows 98 and it seems like last time i left jobs unfinished, because the keyboard and mouse are not detected, ok lets boot another os installed into this laptop, the windows 2000, it booted, now i will try to install hpc explorer and connect to HPC it failed again.
  • 2023.06.16 → I'm again back to MaxData Pro 650T now installed Dial Up Networking 1.4 update for windows 98 se. Removed all network adapters from control panel, reinstalled HPC and it finally worked!
  • 2023.06.16 → Uploaded all the software i have for Windows CE 1.0 to the HPC's CF card (32mb) got total space used ~10mb
  • 2023.06.17 → I was able to run only about 40% of the transferred software, some unknown reasons or missing libraries. Not every software works in SH3 CPU platform…


Backup battery

Main batteries

  • Two standard AA type batteries, if chargeable can be charged in the device using AC adaptor.
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